Men who want to post here, so that women may email them, may do a simple post consisting of three pictures of your choice (250px wide); and how much of a Monthly Wifely Salary you are willing to pay your Wifely Salary Wife; and what kind of sex you are wanting and how frequently. The three pictures of Willie M. is Sample Man Post 1, but below this is a 2nd Type called Sample Man Post 2.

Your cost to post here starts at $50.00 for a 1 Year Membership, which covers any Wifely Salary that you're willing to pay per month of $5000.00 or less.

More than $5000.00 is 1% of whatever Wifely Salary Amount you are willing to pay your new wife: i.e. - If a $7000.00 Wifely Salary then $70.00 for a 1-Year Membership | If a $10,000.00 Wifely Salary - then $100.00 for a 1-Year Membership | If a $50,000.00 Wifely Salary - then $500.00 for a 1-Year Membership | If a $100,000.00 Wifely Salary - then $1000.00 for a 1-Year Membership, etc. Your Posting includes not only Your Listing but

FREE Contact Emails from 5 Women

(meaning it does not cost those 5 women anything to contact you.) Once you have been contacted by 5 Women, it costs you, the man, $10.00 for every additional woman you want to add to your list of women FREE to contact you / OR / if and when there are No Free Contacts available from you -

Note 1: Under both a "Free Contact" OR a "Paid Contact" a woman is required to sign up & complete at least 1 Category; and must send that page link or links to you, the man, when she first contacts you - in her first email to you. For example, if she signed up and completed her page under 'Protestant,' --- she must send that link to you. If she signed up and completed pages under five Categories --- she should send links of her pages under all five Categories. Under a Free Contact, you, the man, have the option whether you want to complete the Contact by emailing her back, or pass the buck to your Personal Account Manager or PAM and let Your PAM inform the woman that you're not interested in her. However, if a woman pays $20.00 to contact you, we ask you to be courteous and email her back at least once - even if only to inform her something as, "Sorry. I'm not interested." If a rejection should come back to a woman, since the first email is transacted through RELAY, called a "Relay Email" - meaning that the woman sends her email first to us, and then we relay it to you, if you the man, should want to end the relationship before it begins, the woman does not have your personal email and should be unable to contact you from thenceforth. A woman, too, can choose to send her real (or personal) email up front to you the man, OR, cloak her real email (personal email) during this first contact, allowing her Personal Account Manager or PAM to Relay Her Email To You. A First Relay Email for the woman is also at no cost.

Note 2: Any woman who receives a "Free Contact Rejection" is done writing to that man. However, any woman who PAYS $20.00 to contact a man, and then is rejected by that man, receives 1 More Chance to write ANOTHER MAN using the same $20.00 Email Fee. Let's reiterate that for women who spend $20.00 to contact a man: 1 Email Fee is good for up to 2 Contacts, but the 2nd contact is only when the first contact was not interested in getting to know you.

We Offer 2 Submission Types:

Sample Man Post 1:

(you're free to choose 3 of your own
pics & poses - even Risque and/or
Censored allowed here.):

Click To Enlarge:


My Contact Nickname:
Willie M.

I offer my Bride:
$5000.00 per month.

Her own car:
under $50,000.00

I seek:
Daily Up & Down Sex;

Every Other Day Cum-In-
Your-Mouth Blowjobs

OR ...

Sample Man Post 2:

You can simply include everything on a picture, such as:

With Man Post 1 you submit 3 pictures of yourself and your details to your PAM, and he or she makes your page for you. With Man Post 2 you either design your own picture yourself and send it to your PAM, OR, you allow your PAM to earn some extra money (she earns the complete fee from you, whatever you want to pay her!) and she'll design your Quick Profile Pic for you.


(Please review costs above
and determine Your Fee
before clicking into the Paypal).

Once paid, your PAM will contact you within a few hours to see which Type, Man Post 1 OR Man Post 2, you wish to go with. Thank you.

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