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Face Pic can either be a closeup or it can include the whole head & hair down to the top of the shoulders.

Dress Pic can either be a dress, a skirt, or long pants even. But no cleavage allowed, and the length of the dress or skirt must not be any shorter than 4 or 5 inches above the knees. It's okay to show your knees, legs, and feet. A "Tamer" picture in other words. Although you may wear shoes if you wish, shoes are not required. Bare feet are sexier and actually preferred here if you will.

A few examples of acceptable pics & poses: (although you're free to choose your own pic & pose):



From Albuquerque, New Mex-
ico (USA)

From Anaheim, California (USA)

From Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

From Arlington, Texas (USA)

From Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

From Aurora, Colorado (USA)

From Austin, Texas (USA)

From Bakersfield, California (USA)

From Baltimore, Maryland

From Baton-Rouge, Louisiana

From Boise, Idaho (USA)

From Boston, Massachusetts

From Buffalo, New York (USA)

From Chandler, Arizona (USA)

From Charlotte, North Carolina

From Chicago, Illinois (USA)

From Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

From Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

From Colorado Springs,
Colorado (USA)

From Columbus, Ohio (USA)

From Corpus-Christi, Texas

From Dallas, Texas (USA)

From Denver, Colorado (USA)

From Detroit, Michigan (USA)

From Draper, Utah (USA)

From Durham, North Carolina (USA)

From El Paso, Texas (USA)

From Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA)

From Fort Worth, Texas (USA)

From Fresno, California (USA)

From Greensboro,
North Carolina (USA)

From Henderson, Nevada (USA)

From Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)

From Houston, Texas (USA)

From Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)

From Irvine, California (USA)

From Jacksonville, Florida (USA)

From Jersey City,
New Jersey (USA)

From Kansas City, Missouri (USA)

From Laredo, Texas (USA)

From Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

From Layton, Utah (USA)

From Lehi, Utah (USA)

From Lexington, Kentucky (USA)

From Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)

From Long Beach, California (USA)

From Los Angeles, California (USA)

From Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

From Lubbock, Texas (USA)

From Madison, Wisconsin (USA)

From Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

From Mesa, Arizona (USA)

From Miami, Florida (USA)

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)

From Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

From Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

From Newark, New Jersey

From New Orleans,
Louisiana (USA)

From New York City,
New York (USA)

From Norfolk, Virginia (USA)

From Oakland, California (USA)

From Ogden, Utah (USA)

From Orem, Utah (USA)

From Provo, Utah (USA)

From Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

From Sandy, Utah (USA)

From South Jordan, Utah (USA)

From South Salt Lake, Utah (USA)

From West Jordan, Utah (USA)

From West Valley City, Utah (USA)

From Washington, D.C. (USA)



Regular Categories ---
(not advertisements as the above):

1-Piece Swimsuit Tamer

2-Piece Swimsuit Tamer


Artificially-Colored Haircolors

Asian Pucker Lips


Batting Cages

Big Bosom Tamer

Big Butt In Clothes

Biker Girls


Black Hair With Tongue Out

Blond Hair With Tongue Out

Blue Black Hair With
Tongue Out


Braided Hair

Brunette Hair With Tongue Out




Drooling Saliva Lips

Drooling Saliva Tongue





Face & Feet

Family Pics

Feet Pics (Just Feet)


Finger In Mouth Inuendo

Froglegs Tamer

Froglegs Skirt Tamer


Funny Pucker Lips







Kissing Simulation
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Latter-Day Saint


Long Dress


Medium Dress Pic |
GIF | MP4 | WebP


Not So Pretty But Marriage-Minded


Open Mouth

Pale Skin


Pants Spread Legs

Personality GIF | MP4 | WebP



Pucker Lips

Red Hair With Tongue Out




Sexy Eating

Sexy Mouth


Shorts & Legs & Feet



Table Tennis



Toothpaste Drooling GIF |
MP4 | WebP

Trophy Wife!

With Pets

1-Piece Cameltoe pics

1-Piece Cameltoe GIF | MP4 |

1-Piece Cameltoe Swimsuit

1-Piece GIF | MP4 | WebP

2-Pics Dress | Undergarments

2-Pics Front & Back

3 Pics

Ahegao pics

Ahegao Pics No Drool

Ahegao Pics With Drool

Ahegao Drool GIF | MP4 |

Ahegao No Drool GIF | MP4 |

Almost Naked

Amputee Risque

Bare Shoulders

Bare Shoulders Cleavage

Before & After

Bikini Cameltoe

Bikini GIF | MP4 | WebP


Breasts Dancing
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Bum Jiggling
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Bum-Sexy Bikini

Bum-Sexy Other Pics

Bum-Sexy Underwear

Cameltoe 2-Pics Front & Back

Cameltoe Black Lady

Cameltoe GIF | MP4 | WebP

Cameltoe Froglegs

Cameltoe Panty

Cameltoe Shorts

Cameltoe Upskirt | Updress

Cameltoe Yoga Pants


Cleavage In A Dress

Cleavage In A Skirt

Cleavage In Pants pics

Cleavage In Short Pants

Crossed Legs

Curtsy With A Dress

Dancing Girl GIF | MP4 |

Dancing Girls pics

Exotic Clothing

Feet In Dress Or Skirt


Funny Or Cute
GIF | MP4 | WebP


Gymnastic Spread

Hana Bunny

Harley Quinn

Headband Risque

Husband I Need You Beside

Jumping Rope
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Legs Opening GIF | MP4 |


Making Love Inuendoes

Middle-Age Cameltoe


Oral Inuendo

Oral Inuendoes
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Party Girl



Sexy Clothes

Sexy Exercising GIF | MP4 | WebP

Sexy Muslim

Sexy Senior

Sexy Trophy Wife!

Short Pants Erotic Dance
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Small Breasts


Summer Casual

Unusual Crossed Legs

Yoga Pants Froglegs

2 Pics: Face & Censored Pussy

Censored 2-Pics

Censored Amputee

Censored Big Breasts

Censored Disabled

Censored Legs Opening
GIF | MP4 | WebP

Censored Face & Feet

Censored Froglegs

Censored Nude

Censored Obese Woman

Censored Raised Legs

Censored Raised Legs & Feet

Censored Small Breasts

Censored Spread

Censored Trophy Wife!

Hands Covering Nipples

Monster Boobs Censored

This Pussy Wants

This Pussy Selfie Wants

From Andorra

From Argentina

From Australia

From Austria

From Bangladesh

From Belgium

From Brunei

From Canada

From China

From Colombia

From Cuba

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From England

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From France

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